Admission Policy

  • Registrations are open throughout the academic year.
  • Academic session begins in August/September each year.
  • Each academic year consists of two terms.
  • Annual exams are conducted in May/June.
  • No Student is allowed admission without passing the Entry Test or Interview in some cases.

Admission Procedure

Application forms together with Prospectus are available at the school office or by post and should be filled in the school. Selection of students is on merit, the decision of the management and school administration is final and cannot be challenged.
Note: ‘Prospectus’ and ‘Admission Form’ Charge is Rs: 1000/- only and is available at Roots School System Campuses Nationwide.

Submission of Admission Form

The documents to be attached with the Admission Form include:

  • 04 x Passport size Coloured Photographs of the student.
    Copy of Student’s Child Registration Certificate (NADRA Pakistan).
  • Copy of Family Registration Certificate (NADRA Pakistan).
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian CNIC (Pakistani Nationals Only).
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian Last 2 Pages of Passport (Foreign Nationals Only)
  • Previous School Leaving Certificate
  • Copy of Student’s Last School Report Card & Certificates

The Following Fees are payable at the time of Admission:

  1. Registration Fee non-refundable
  2. Admission Fee non-refundable
  3. Security Fee refundable
  4. Tuition Fee (Fee policy may vary from Region /Campus so please check with the admission advisor before selecting the campus).
    (‘O’ levels, IGCSE, ‘AS’ & ‘A’ levels, BSc, LLB studies Tuition Fee is payable Quarterly)
  5. Annual Resource Charge payable once a year and/or at the time of admission.
  6. LMS Fee

At the time of admission students also pay for the Roots computerised student ID card, annual Roots NEWS, Roots Thematic Montessori branded Bag, school Badge, Information and communication technology ICT charges, computer laboratory fees and science laboratory fee (if applicable).

Univerity of Cambridge CIE and University of London Edexcel Examination
Students shall pay for University of Cambridge CIE and/or University of London Edexcel Examination registration Fee and charges to Roots School System, which is paid directly to the British Council Pakistan by the Roots School System.


  • RSS Tuition
  • Fee policy may vary from Region/Campus so please check with admission advisor before selecting the campus.
  • RSS Tuition Fee is subject to review annually
  • Scholarships are available in selected schools and on merit in AS & A levels.