Clubs and Societies

Roots philosophy encourages the learner to develop independent work habits and skills. The clubs will support the young learners in their academic studies and instructing in the values of global citizenship and the Roots Attributes of Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative and Engaged Learners. The Clubs aim to build leadership skills and also aim to enhance the intellectual creativity and elementary development of the learner. In addition to the Roots Clubs, the learner shall work independently or in small groups in many areas of study including creative art, communication, Language, and literacy for English, Mathematical development, Knowledge and understanding of the world around us, personal, social and emotional development under these clubs.

Group 67
Debating & Declamation Club
Group 68
Dramatic &
Art Club
Group 69
Environment &
WWF Club
Group 70
Language Club
Group 71
Sports &
Games Club
Path 274
Reading &
Book Club
Group 73
Robotics Club
Group 74
Adventure &
Outdoor Club
Group 75
Law &
Mooting Club
Group 76
Microsoft Club
Group 82
Girl Up Club
Group 78
Library &
Reading Club
Group 79
Fashion &
Photography Club
Group 80
Social Action, Community Services & Volunteerism Club
Group 86
Digital Entrepreneurship