Roots has the distinct honour of establishing the First International Montessori school in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The institution was established on 10th April 1988 at 74 Harley Street Rawalpindi by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq (Aizaz-e-Fazeelat) a dedicated and committed teacher fired with enthusiasm and missionary spirit in the field of education. She took the challenge of introducing Methodology of Montessori System which is basically a scientific method of education founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in the late 18th century. Roots is the pioneer institution in having introduced an exclusive Montessori in the twin cities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad in 1988 and brought awareness about this method of teaching in the North of Pakistan.
The growth of children in this institution is the success of the “Teaching Methodology, Curriculum, faculty & Creativity”being nurtured in Roots Schools. At roots where each child is assisted in growing by a system so that he feels the thrill of success and finds his own worth and dignity. Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq’s roots can be traced back to her illustrious Grand Father, Late Khan Mohammad Khan Sahib (MLA) who is commonly known as the “Sir Sayyed of Kashmir. The success of Roots School System of education is evident from the high quality of Students the institution is producing as the school offers continuous education from Montessori to undergraduate level.

Today roots has grown into a leading International educational institution imparting all-round education and its quality of teaching has been recognized at national as well as international levels.

  • Presidential Award ‘Aizaz-e-Fazeelat’ for being ‘All AIRounder
  • Best of the Best Award in the category ‘Education AIAdministrator’
  • Manager in Education’ in 2001
  • AJK Presidential award for her outstanding devotion AIand dedication in the field of education.
  • Winner of UNESCO Peace Pillar Award 2000 for AI’Creative Learning
  • Approaches in developing Cultural Understanding’
  • 2000 outstanding intellectuals of 21st century
  • Active member of World Future Studies Federation AI(WFSF).
  • Empowering Human Resource by providing training AIto teachers to enhance their knowledge, skills and AIabilities with 21st century teaching tools.
  • Roots is empowering 100% of its teaching faculty by developing ICT Skills in collaboration with Intel and Microsoft