Beyond The Class

Learning Initiative


Roots provides opportunities for students to integrate classroom learning into experiences outside the classroom through an extensive range of hands-on experiential learning. Encompassing attributes and experiences that influence experiential learning in and out of the classroom.

At Roots, Learning outside the classroom and its impact on child development has found wide-ranging benefits for our students. By experiencing the world beyond the classroom, our young students attain higher level of knowledge and skills, improve their physical health and increase their motor skills, socialize and interact in new and different ways with their peers and adults, show improved attention and enhanced self-concept and self-esteem, and better mental well-being, change their environmental behavior and their values and attitudes. We at Roots aim to support our campuses in promoting diversity and equality through all aspects of planned learning. Diversity is about recognizing and valuing difference, where everyone is respected for who they are. Equality is about creating a fairer society, where everyone can take part and where everyone has the opportunity to be all they can be. Our Curriculum for Excellence challenges our campuses and communities to develop children and young people as responsible citizens who:

  • Show respect for others
  • Understand different beliefs and cultures
  • Are developing informed, ethical views of complex issues.

UN Global Action Days

Our Annual Activity Calendar clearly highlights and celebrates the UN action days at our schools. Special arrangement and presentations are made during morning assemblies and the school environment is transformed into a make belief environment to support the action day through art, activity, engagement and creativity.

Rootsians are being taught that United Nations observances contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the UN Charter and promote awareness of and action on important political, social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights issues. They provide useful means for the promotion of international and national action and stimulate interest in United Nations activities and programmes.

Morning Assemblies

Morning Assemblies are a powerful means to begin the day at the school in a more energetic and euphoric manner. It is important for both students and teachers to start their day smoothly. Morning assemblies at Roots are well planned and carefully conducted. They also act as a channel to release information related to school life and the World around. UN Action Days and Sustainable Development Goals and National Days form an integral part of our assemblies where students give presentations and perform on various topics.

Road Safety Campaigns

To ensure that students receive road safety education, Roots initiated a Road Safety Education Program across its various campuses nationwide. The students were trained on the various aspects of Road Safety through the Active Learning Method which was instructor-led and involved role plays, skits, discussion poster, and case studies.

School and College Elections and Oath Taking Ceremonies

One of the primary functions of our school is to train the next generation of leaders. One of the most important steps for doing this is focusing more on fulfilling Roots’s civic mission. We make our students and faculty understand that civic engagement is an essential part of the learning experience, and not an optional extracurricular interest. School and College Elections and Oath Taking Ceremonies are held at the start of every academic year. The student council elections provide a platform for the students to learn how to maintain discipline and carry out electoral process in an organized fashion. Students participate enthusiastically and run their election campaigns for different positions like Head Boy, Head Girl , House Captains and Club Presidents. All learners from grade I till A level take part in school elections and are given the right to vote and elect. Student Body Oath taking Ceremonies are held where learners take formal oaths and made to realize the responsibility they have on their shoulders. The Roots Student Body comprises of Head boy/ Girl, Deputy Head boy/ Deputy Head Girl/ Club Presidents/ Vice Presidents/ Class Proctors/ Volunteers and Student Council members. All members of the Student Council lead all student activities and support the school administration.

Roots Reading & Writing Programme

Reading is the most important part of our curriculum because a child’s progress in all other main subjects is related to his ability to read. We have a comprehensive reading programme titled “Oxford Reading Tree” integrated with floppy phonics in our Montessori and Grade I. From grade ll onwards, we have “Oxford Progressive Readers” level-wise along with Oxford Discover and Junior English Series. Alongside these stimulating books, we have developed in-house numerous worksheets to enhance the vocabulary of our young children and also give them practice in writing correct grammar structures. Our DQCA department has developed a vast variety of creative writing sheets having stimulating pictures, word bank, clues and guidelines, to develop English Language proficiency in the four skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. At Roots, we endeavour to have the best English teachers for our young children who can infuse and inject enthusiasm among our young learners. By using a vast variety of learning and teaching approaches and integrating technology to create excitement and stimulation.

Bake Sale Activities

Bake Sale Activities are held every year in schools where learners take part in fund raising activities for different organizations. The Bake Sales are a great way to instill empathy in our learners and make them realise the importance of giving back to the society.

Roots Model United Nations

Every year Roots Model United Nations is held in different branches of Roots. MUN is a platform where students learn to engage through meaningful dialog regarding significant global and local issues and eventually form practical solutions to overcome them. The yearly event is an amalgamation of different cultures, mind set and delegates who travel nationwide to win a memorable experience. Renowned Intellectuals are invited every year to be part of the Diplomatic and Debating Moots.

Roots Olympiads

Olympiads are globally acknowledged to play a pivotal role in aspiring the youth to go beyond the boundaries of classroom learning as well as allowing them to assimilate knowledge and innovation into a single unit. Such competitions are not only test an individual’s thinking skills but also test an individual’s thinking skills but also test the ability to blend in with a group of people with diversified interests and social backgrounds. Roots Olympiads are 3 days mega events held annually in different cities with thousands of students participating in different activities.

School Educational Trips

Physical activities are necessary for a child’s wellbeing and growth. Outdoor Educational trips are planned every year for students from Early Years to A levels. These Educational Trips are a great means to develop students’ team building skills and contribute to sound mental and emotional health as well.

Mehfil e Milad (PBUH)

Roots holds Milad in righteousness of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) every year on a large scale inviting students and parents. A large number of students attend the event every year and thus promoting Islamic teachings in a blessed way. Rootsians recite different Naats which depict their love and extreme devotion towards our Holy Prophet (PBUH).