Global Citizenship

Roots school being an initiator in introducing many new innovative approaches, also took another initiative in introducing “Global Visions” class in school to keep the students abreast of the world in which they are living by studying and understanding the global issues and deliberating through brain storming sessions, discussions, interaction with international students on finding innovative solutions to the problems confronting our world such as environmental degradation, poverty, illiteracy and hunger. Global citizenship curriculum provides the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to work and live in a diverse world. It presents a foundation, unique, and critical look at the roots and impact of inequality and discrimination related to the issues of social justice (e.g. economics, technology, energy and environment).

Learners explore personal and social responsibility in their personal lives, in their communities, and in the global and local work environment. Its aim is to broaden the scope of the content and encourage the use of more active participatory methodologies in the classroom so that the combination of knowledge with investigation, interaction and participation could be achieved. It also provides opportunities for learners to engage in community action and reflection so as to learn from them. The curriculum encourages the use of active participatory strategies such as class discussions, engaging students in inquiry, having them learnt with and from each other in cooperative groups, engaging them in the study of and having them developed case studies, role plays and simulations. The curriculum provides an excellent foundation for the promotion of international understanding and inter-cultural awareness necessary to prepare students for global citizenship. Above all, it fosters respect and understanding of people and events in a variety of cultures throughout the world and embraces diversity as the shared heritage of humankind.