ROOTS School System

Action Days

Roots United Nations Annual Activity Calendar
Every Thursday of the week
Meet & Greet the Branch Head

Parents and guardians may visit the respective Branch Head, should they wish to discuss the progress and development of their child on every working Thursday between 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

Every Wednesday of the week
Stay & Play Sports and games

Students may wish to stay after school hours till 4:00pm and benefit from special physical, games and sports activities in presence of a dedicated sports and training instructor at school on every Wednesday between 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

(White Roots School Authorized Uniform – Compulsory)

Last Saturday of every month
Roots Open Day - Theme to be advised

Participation of all Students, Teachers and Branch Head is Compulsory as at Roots we celebrate last saturday of the month as the ‘Roots Open Day’

(See Roots UN Activity Calendar or visit for more details)

ROOTS - United Nations Annual Activity Calendar

Every year the Department of inter School Co-ordination, Communications & Resources publish an annual ‘ROOTS UN Activity calendar’ clearly highlighting and celebrating the international, national, regional and religious Action days at our schools. Special arrangements and presentations are made during morning assemblies and the school environment is transformed into a make belief environment to support the action day through art, creativity and participation.