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Roots-Intel ICT Joint Curriculum Initiative:

Ist initiative at Elementary Level in the WORLD by Roots and Intel.

RSS in a first of its kind initiative has customized a unique ICT curriculum for Grade 1-7 in collaboration with In-tel Education Pakistan. A key consideration factor in this regard was that students today, more than ever, need the ability to understand and deal with complex issues and problems. This course has been created to help develop your child's technology literacy, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Through this initiative, Roots is preparing today's young people to flourish in the knowledge based economy of the 21st century. Our goal is to help students develop the higher order thinking skills they need to realize their full potential. Roots was the 1st school to introduce ICT as a compulsory subject in the school curriculum thus, promoting ICT as a common denominator to bridge digital divide. Building of lifelong skills is a part of the roots experience. The Intel-Roots School System Skills for Success Curriculum is designed to equip the students with computer tools and applications that are necessary to live and work in technology saturated world. It is bringing the future within reach for thousands of young rootsians through fun, interactive information and innovative activities. Teachers have to be empowered to be able to prepare the millennials 'the digital natives'. Our training department RCPDD (Roots Continuous Professional Development Department) in collaboration with INTEL is committed round the year to equip the teachers with essential tools for 21st century teaching. In RSS all teachers are Intel certified and undergo numerous training courses for professional development. These courses go a long way in helping the classroom teachers to integrate technology all across the curriculum.

1st School in Pakistan to launch Chinese Language at Elementary Level across ROOTS SCHOOLS.

Roots is one of the pioneer private educational institutions to introduce different foreign languages to its students:

To promote a culture of peace and harmony, it is essential to understand and learn languages. Roots took the 1st ever initatitave in Pakistan to launch Chinese language classes at the Elementary level across its schools. Young rootsians are learning Chinese language with tremendous interest and are expanding their knowledge and horizons. In the high school many other languages are offered as per interest of the students. Besides learning languages, our students are given the exposure through first hand experiences by visiting different countries of the world by participating in different children's festivals, summer youth camps, international science fairs, youth leadership conferences and environmental summits. Thus roots expands the classroom experiences to global experiences through exposure, expansion & exploration-Roots 3E's Philosophy. Our ultimate aim is to produce humane citizens who could contribute towards a better Pakistan and a better world at large.

Roots Clubs:

Roots school clubs help boost children's self-esteem and self-confidence. By offering after-school activities, our children get the chance to succeed in varieties of different areas and use it to overcome barriers in the subjects they find difficult. The RSS offers in-school and after-school clubs (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm) that teach robotics, musical instruments , literacy, sports, environment education, global citizenship, dramatic & poetry, art & craft, smart brain (Mental Math) and film making.

1st Pioneering Initiatives by Roots School System-Smart Brain, Robotics, Film Making

Launch of Smart Brain™ Program at Roots – Discover Your Child's Hidden Talents!

It gives us immense pleasure and pride to share with you the first collaboration between Smart Brain™ and Roots Garden Schools (Pvt) Ltd. and introduce this internationally renowned Smart Brain – Mental Arithmetic program in our pioneering initiative Roots Evening School of Creative Skills Development. The school is especially designed to uncover the potential talent in each child and develop it through a variety of creative and skill-based activities. Smart Brain™ is actively engaged in 16 countries and has been doing this for over 20 years. Over 250,000 students around the world attend Smart Brain™ programs every week. Smart Brain program helps students in developing the following foundational mind skills:Concentration , Memory , Self-confidence, Problem Solving, Mental Speed, Logic & Reasoning , Imagination, Energetic and Agile Mind, Critical Thinking, Creativity , Broadened Scope of Thoughts, Emotional Quotient and Positive Thinking.Roots School System has pioneered many innovative learning approaches in its schools for the very first time to make learning an enjoyable experience for your children. Smart Brain Programme is another lead initiative by Roots School System.
Assuring you of our continuous commitment to WORLD CLASS EDUCATION for tomorrow's world.

Roots Robotics Club Initiative:

Unleash the genius scientist in your child!

Roots strongly encourages the children to design, construct and programme their own intelligent inventions and not only to understand technology but to become masters of it. Roots robotics lab has created an environment for children of all ages to learn, explore and express themselves through various types of scientific and technological activities. With so many things to do, children can never claim to be bored. In labs, children learn robotics, programming, mind maths and game development, using lastest technology in a fun and meaningful way. Activities are focused on keeping child’s brain healthy and active.

Film & Drama Making Club Initiative:

Acting holds significance because it enriches the personality with confidence and courage. Taking acting lessons is surely the best way to hone your skills and talent whilst gaining experience of working with other talented fellows and building up your knowledge and skills. The main goals of this club are to develop self-confidence, to help students work effectively with others and to increase creative thinking and problem solving skills. This club explores the development of these skills through mime, speech, movement, and improvisation. A key value of film in education is that it is a leveler. With a book children may think they don't have the level of experience needed or feel they aren't bright enough to talk about it but immediately have confidence talking about film because it is something they have engaged with already. Even children with severe learning difficulties and disabilities who struggle with any kind of academic curriculum can often relate to film since film is a universal language.