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'O' Levels

About 'O' Levels


What are 'O' Levels?

The GCE Ordinary (O) Level is one of the most recognised qualifications around the World; Cambridge or Edexcel O Level courses are renowned for developing vital educational skills, including the recall of knowledge, problem solving, decision making, evaluation and investigative skills. The resulting qualification provides a foundation for higher Level courses, such as A and AS Levels, the Advanced international Certificate of Education, the North America Advanced Placement programme and the international Baccalaureate.

CIE and EDEXCEL has offered O Levels in many different countries for about 50 Years during that time, the Cambridge O Level has continually evolved to ensure that syllabuses are kept up-to-date and reflect good educational practice. They offer a flexible course of study that gives candidates the freedom to choose subjects that are right for them, Whilst providing them with a broad knowledge base and lifelong skills.

'O' Levels acceptance and recognition?

O Level is a high profile qualification. It has exactly the same value in admitting students to institutes of further education and employment as the UK equivalent GCSE.

* O Level is comparable with IGCSE and the UK GCSE

* O Level has an excellent reputation amongst many international schools and Ministries of Education

* O Levels are recognised as a reliable record of attainment which counts towards entry to universities and colleges around the world, including all British universities.

Who can take O Levels?

Cambridge O Levels are usually taught as a three or four year course here at Roots College International for students aged 13 to 16 years.

How are 'O' Levels taught at Roots College International RCI?

RCI allocate a total of about 170 hours plus for each O Level subject, but how much time each campus devotes to each subject will depend on a variety of factors (please contact the RCI campus you wish to study at). The syllabus is set by CIE or the Edexcel International, but it is taught by highly experienced faculty at RCI campuses Nationwide.

At RCI, more able students may study eight or ten subjects at 'O' Level, but less able students may have a much more modest programme. In order to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, most students take courses from each of the O Level groups (see subjects listed overleaf). For IBCC conversion purposes pakistani students must study atleast 5 subjects including Maths, English, Pakistan Studies, Urdu, Islamiyat. Moreover a set subject comibinatin is required to benefit from science, social science, pre medical or pre engineering combinations.

RCI Examination Information

At RCI 'O' Level courses take on average 3 years to complete as exams are taken at the end of that period. Examinations are held in May/June and November each year with results issued in August and February respectively. All examniation entries are processed through Roots College International as a registered CIE and Edexcel Examiation Center. Center No PK-129 and PK-029.