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About Us

Graduates Mar 2015

Roots Proud IVY Graduates Receiving Their Degrees

At an elegant Graduation Ceremony held by the Unversity of London at Barbican Centre, London UK. The chancellor of the University of London, Princess Anne is present on the occasion to honour the students. Ms Khadija Mushtaq participated in the Graduation ceremony along with the Proud Parents of her students. University of London International Programs facilitate students to study in their home country and finally receive their degrees from University of London UK. What a great facility and opportunity for roots students Ms Khadija Mushtaq was the first educator to Launch this programme in Rawalpindi and today it is recognized as " An Affiliate Centre " of University of London for the quality of students it is producing each year. Roots College International, DHA-1 / IVY alumni is handpicked by leading prestigious organizations as no doubt the degree is WOLRD CLASS and its graduates are extraordinary individuals equipped with high intellect, critical thinking and analytical skills to steer their way onto the road of success by meeting all the challenges.