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About Us

CEO & Founder Chairperson

Mushtaque R. Chaudhry
Roots School System

It is a matter of immense satisfaction and pleasure to see the institution thriving in all spheres of education. We are proud of our illustrious alumni who have created a mark in their respective fields

For over 26 years, Roots has been a pioneer, developing interdisciplinary educational and extra-curricular programmes designed to educate outstanding minds, create knowledge and cultivate leaders of tomorrow. I am fully confident that our graduates will use this platform that we have provided them with to launch their future careers, proving to the world that they are completely able to nevigate their own paths to success

Pakistan is blessed with exceptionally talented and brilliant young minds and I have always believed that if given the platform, right training and exposure they can break the barriers of mediocrity and achieve the extraordinary. All they need is proper guidance and grooming to realize their own potential; and once they do, nothing can hold them back from bringing the positive and much needed change in our society.

Rootsians! I am extremely proud of you and feel confident that you all will lead our country into a prosperous and stronger future!.


Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq
Founder / Chairperson
Roots School System

Children are the challenge and inspiration of today. They are the hope; protectors and champions of the future. Only parents and teachers can pass on a legacy that destines what the world of tomorrow will be. “roots” is the home of “creativity, love and joy” where each child is assisted in growing according to his natural design. We believe while no child is exactly like another, for each the level of achievement can be raised, aspirations stirred, potential talents discovered and developed so that he can find his own worth and dignity.

Education, like our environment is constantly changing. Whilst the essential virtues of honesty, integrity, common sense and tolerance never vary, the way in which we approach the task of making the most of each child's talent is considerably affected by what happens in the world outside the school. It is therefore essential that we equip our pupils as best as we can to meet the challenges of modern living. This means change within the schools.

Years ago, education meant committing to memory large quantities of information. This practice continued for years and, to man, education became synonymous with the accumulation of facts. The more one taught the better the school. Thus less attention was paid to the need to use this knowledge to reach logical, reasoned conclusion.

Roots curriculum is broad based and it encompasses the ability to think an learn logically, caters inquiry based learning to develop enthusiastic learners; who have the ability to produce and present arguments based on logic and reasoning. Roots Primary Curriculum provides ample room and opportunities to interact socially, discuss problems and find remedial measures, explore the unknown and reach out for information. Hence it aims at maximum exposure, social interaction and develops a balanced personality by bringing out the best in a child , intellectually, spiritually, physically, culturally and morally. It is vital that the mind and intellect, which pilot the dynamics of personality, are developed along the right lines.

We are living in the information era, where all the knowledge of the centuries is available on the click of a mouse. Hence, the emphasis has shifted from the acquisition of facts to the techniques of dealing with information, systematically and logically. We aim to teach students to reason the how and why of things and where to find accurate information and what to do with it when acquired. Thus, we endeavor to develop these skills at the primary level by exposing our young learners to a variety of stimulating activities which are spearheaded by the young students themselves. The teachers act as facilitators and are continuously directing the children's energies into constructive channels.

Roots School Systems’ (RSS) Department of Qualifications Curriculum and Assessments (DQCA) has a committed team of curriculum leads who are the finest chosen practising teachers of the system. Department of Qualifications Curriculum and Assessments (DQCA) believes in continuous research and development (R & D) whereas the curriculums are reviewed and reformed from time to time considering and addressing the needs of the millennials' of the digital era. Roots DQCA is the vital engine leading the school to achieve highest standards of quality and delivery of roots curriculum. The professional teachers act as inspectors, mentors and trainers throughout the academic term by continuously visiting and evaluating the teaching and learning standards of the respective teachers and students. A very comprehensive individual teacher's performance proforma is maintained and professional training is imparted in areas which need to be strengthened. Teacher- Training is an integral component of RSS. Annual Teacher Development Conferences are held in which leading international trainers, scholars and motivational speakers are invited to enlighten RSS Teachers on the latest learning and teaching approaches being practised around the world. RCPDD - RSS Department of continuous professional development remains engaged in conducting workshops for teachers through out the year as we strongly believe that only quality teachers can breed quality pupils.

At roots we inculcate strong nationhood spirit by instilling pride in our identity "PAKISTANI" and our religion "ISLAM". We are committed to instill values of peace, harmony, tolerance, justice, fair play, child rights, respect for all cultures, good citizenship traits and love for humanity in our students at the grass roots level. With this as our foundation, we are committed to providing them meaningful experiences to develop and realise their potential to their maximum possible. Our staff will always remain the bedrock of school culture and glory as they work together unfaltering in their efforts to nurture our students' varied talents and abilities. At Roots our world is in constant motion, giving birth to creativity and innovation and thus invoking our students' imagination.

Thank you for your confidence in us. Assuring you of our continuous commitment in bringing out the best in our children. Our aim is to produce humane citizens imbued with strong values to contribute towards a prosperous Pakistan and a better world at large.